One Page

All your business information on one page!


A One Page is the simplest way to show your business to the world, where all the important information is in a few lines without the need to click on any link, key for the potential customer not to have to invest much time in finding the information they need.

The only difference with professional websites is the volume of content, which in this case is lower. If tomorrow you want to turn it into a professional site, it can be done because it is expandable.

Finally, besides being also a good option as personal pages like blog, it is the first step to gain the confidence of a potential customer who visits a website.




Suitable for SEO positioning


5 Corporate Email Accounts


All the information on a single page


Self-manageable with WordPress


Simple and friendly structure


Facebook Pixel Installation


Registration in Google and other search engines

Domain and Hosting included

SSL Security Certificates

Responsive Design

Simple and Effective

Delivery time:
2 – 5 days

See how simple and effective it is to summarize all your business information on a single page!
Here is an example of a One Page designed and developed by us.

Integration with the main Google Services

Improves search engine positioning and allows you to manage your online presence on Google Maps and other Google applications.

Your website is registered in Google, so it helps and improves the SEO positioning in Google search engines. Google’s crawling tool considers your website above others in any search.

It allows you to see real statistics of your website (number of visits, demographic data, most frequent devices, most visited pages, etc.), live and in real time, or in a given period of time.

Maintenance for your Website

Do you want us to take care of the maintenance of your website? We do it, you relax!



Domain and Hosting Renewal


Daily and weekly buckups


Corporate Email Account Management


Renewal of SSL Security Certificates


Updates (Plugin, Themes and WordPress)


Email account redirection to Gmail

Remember that the hiring of the monthly maintenance service is 100% optional and has an extra cost. You decide!
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